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1000 identified

300 developed

120 scholarships acquired

Featured player

bayo fahad

One of our graduates, Bayo has gone through all the ranks of our football program till professional football. He now features for FC ASHDOD in Israel as well as playing for the national team of Uganda .

Global Sports

Sports is a universal activity and the need to be aware of how sports is run or done in other countries is necessary.

Sports and Education

Though sports is a very good complement to Education and the two can be achieved together. The art of this is still a lacking.

Parents on the pitch

the involvement of parents in the activities of their children is principle and should never be under looked. In Our camps we help parents to see and take up their roles in the development of their children talents

Sports Leadership

Leadership is a very important aspect of our camps. We run a leadership workshop especially for our parents to be able to have the skills needed to lead sports sessions.