Sports Academies

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Field Mathematics

Sports is done in a pool of mathematical tasks which the athlete has to either use or find solutions. The mathematical theory underlying sports activities is what we exploit to become an opportunity for the athletes to develop their mathematical competency.

Sports Anatomy

Anatomy is simply the study of body parts and structures. One thing that uses anatomy to the fullest is sportsmen and women. The need to get to know these parts and how they function is a necessity and definitely adds up to the performance level of the athletes.

Body physiology

at any moment during sports, there are millions of reactions and actions taking place. As an athlete it is of value to get to understand what is going on in your body while doing sports. This knowledge is not only important for your performance but also a complement to your academics

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Olympic Geography

The peak of any country’s representation is expressed at the Olympic Games. It is at such games that countries get the opportunity to be known. KICK OFF SPORTS uses this as a learning opportunity for athletes to get to know about different countries.

Technology and Media

The world of sports would be no more without the rampant use of media and other technologies that make it possible for games to be produced , broadcasted, marketed. Our athletes need to be exposed to this competency at an early age in their development.


Athletes have the potential to think, plan and execute a plan within seconds. In order to have a successful season, athletes need to have a plan for the whole season. This demands them to have a good management and entrepreneurship skills.