Our story

Our story is rooted in our own experience working with different individual players and teams. There are always 2 results that any athlete or team expects from a competition. Winning or losing. In both cases there must be a factor or reason that causes one to win or lose. Hardwork is what coaches tell their athletes. However it becomes something else if the athletes work hard and do their best to win but end up with a negative result.

This is where KICK-OFF SPORTS comes in. We work with those isolated factors that makes working hard a reason to success. Pieces that influence the outcome of a game in sports.The most commonly asked question after any sport is; Did I do my best. If I did my best why didn’t I win.  Our focus in finding and emplementing those factors that influence the results. The Swedish national football team in Russia slept in the same hotel with some of the English fans. It is said that the English fans caused some kind of false alarm which disrupted the sleeping of the Swedish team. 

Our approach to training is based on four factors

  • The environment
  • Athlete/team state
  • Athlete/team need (This determines, what we train, Why we train what we train, How we train what we train)
  • Reflection on outcome.