KICK OFF Buloba Uganda

kick-off buloba

“we are catching them young”


Who we are

Kick-off sport Program -Buloba is designed to provide enhanced training to players ages 5 to 17 who are interested in playing at a high level of competition in the future. The program serves as a bridge between recreational and competitive soccer, with an emphasis on individual player development through improved technical skills and tactical development, building a foundation for future success. The goal is to enrich each player already developing love for and high interest in the game

our work

We seek to change lives, through structured football programmes, one game at a time. We do this by creating purposeful opportunities for play and learning, in a safe environment, for slum children in Uganda

WORK with US

Are you interested working with a strong partner to leverage your corporate social responsibilities and help others give back and increase their impact? You can support our advocate’s amazing efforts by becoming a philanthropic funding partner. You’ll be supporting kick-off sports programs and mission while also motivating people to put their energy into meaningful civic action opportunities. Join our team of leaders who have stepped up to share their love of soccer with kids in Uganda. You can become a Kick-off sports Ambassador and Advocate and make a difference by spreading awareness about what we do, collecting gear and raising funds to make our program possible.

We consider youths from underprivileged or socially under reached areas and aim to help them succeed in both football and life. With the approach of Whole life coaching, our athletes are developed based on biblical principles. We purpose to holistically transform lives and strengthen society through soccer and Education.