KICK OFF Coaching

KICK-OFF Sports offers a customised Kick-Off coaching modules that fit the International sports leadership needs. Our trainings focus on individual players and team’s needs. We aim at enabling the coach to discover athletes potential on a broad spectrum as well as empowering the athlete to discover their abilities. Our courses are either spread through a one month period for weekend learners or compressed into a one week intensive training. We run both general and game focuses courses where we can either focus on a specific game or run a general sports course module.


We customise our courses depending on our students needs. We don't just teach you what we have prepared. We first listen to your needs before we teach you. Our courses are broad and flexible to suit any person who would like to work in sports


Our course facilitators have a vast experience of working with different countries. We have instructors from Europe, Africa, Asia with a hands on experience that will give you a whole new perspective of sports.


All our courses are hands on. We have a practical session on every theory lesson conducted. Our courses are connected to a sports club/Association. This makes it possible for all our students to practice what they have learnt. We also find internship placements for our students.