"We take care of your individual needs."

Together with our partners and friends in Sweden we have developed a players development program where players and leaders are given the platform to develop in their footballing career. In our academy we work with players from other local clubs as well as international players who visit Sweden for our Player development program.

Player development

Player’s development takes more than the traditional training patterns organised in our clubs. A complete players development program that leads any player to acquire a competence of a professional player takes a combination of talent, passion and hard work embedded in an environment that facilitates learning. The creation of the learning and motivational environment and the exposure of players to different exercises and challenges is what gives our players development program the unique approach to help you and your player develop

exchange program

Learning a skill in an environment foreign to a player opens up a whole new possibility to acquire knowledge. We have embraced this principle by giving our players and leaders to participate in a players and leaders exchange program.

Players and leaders from Sweden and Uganda visit each other for a period between 1 week-3 month to work on a specific project.