Who We Are?

We are a professional sports agency working with a wholistic approach towards sports. We believe that sports has more than just the talent. Our services are aimed at supporting sportsmen and women in their journey to achieving their dreams by providing all that which is needed for the development of the athlete. KICK OFF SPORTS aims at creating a platform with an environment where all the factors that lead to success are identified, exploited and adressed or implemented. The Talented athlete is at the center of the family, the association/club, federation, school and finally the nation or community. We bring our attention to the empowerment, recognition and development of the athlete and other people around sports by giving focus based support and education programs.

Talent Identification

Identify and recruit athlete and the right age. It takes a keen eye to see the un seen. Everyathlete has what it takes to be great if only the will to become that.


Create an environment where learning and development can be achieved. It takes a talent to be an athlete but it takes more than the talent to be a professional player


Give opportunity to the athletes to become what they dream to be .Millions of athletes will go unnoticed until they get a platform to showcase their potential


Exploiting the opportunities in sports to change lives

We change sports to change lives. This can be done in three ways. 

First is the world view of people on sports. 

Secondly is to create a motivational safe and secure environment for development.

Third but not least is to connect/relate sports to the common values of life.

Our Core Values