Uganda is one of the few countries that still reward outstanding talented sportsmen and women with scholarships to study from the foundational primary school to University level.

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Unlike other countries in the world, Uganda’s biggest sports competitions are done in schools. Players are in most cases developed in schools before they are seen and recruited by clubs. The infrastructure also plays a very big role as most sports arenas, fields and halls are either attached or owned by schools. The school structures of leadership also creates a very conducive environment for the development of talents.

Recently the private sector has tapped into this rich pool of sportsmen and women by sponsoring tournaments and individual teams. Companies have named school tournaments by their brand names to market their products.

The involvement of the private sector into the sports activities of schools comes with a lot of money which makes schools compete in order to be the best. As schools strive to become champions they definitely need good players who can only be attracted by the offer of scholarships. It is a common occurrence that schools give scholarships to men and women who are good at sports in order to play for their school/University team. KICK OFF SPORTS is here to help student athletes acquire these scholarships by connecting student athletes to Universities and schools. We providing customised preparations that schools and Universities are looking for in potential athlete recruits.