South Africa






South Africa is one of our clients destinations for sports and study scholarships. The demographic aspect of South Africa and its global connection to the entire world makes it suitable for athletes from allover the world.

The transition from college/University sports to professional sports is made possible , thanks to the emerging professional clubs in South Africa. The economy of South Africa is compared to none in Africa which means many people in the private sector are investing into sports making the industry competitive and rewarding to those involved. With this in place Colleges and universities invest a lot of money in their sports departments in order to attract sponsors and to have a strong team that can compete. The performance of the team in sports not only comes with students enjoyment and satisfaction but also draws millage when it comes to the marketing of the University.

Besides sports South African universities and colleges are one of the best in the world which will make you as a student athlete harvest both academics and sports careers.

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Learn Professionally

All universities and colleges have professional leaders who will be always at your exposure to learn.

Balanced Program

Your program is well integrated into the university/college’s system with lectures and training times considered  .

Professional Certification

You are assured of a world class degree after completion of the program. It is also common to get a job in your final year.

Mentors program: We Work Hard To Make Sure That Your Time At The University Is Supported By Our Mentorship Program

During all the whole period at college or University, you will receive support from our mentorship program which will be available at all times to make sure that your time at the college or University is successful.